Words from the CEO

Level has high ambitions. As you already might have read under ”About Level”, Level wants to contribute with fresh thinking within the recruitment industry. We will not be satisfied by this, we also want to be the best within our specialist area.

To become the very best, I as a manager set high demand on myself as well as on my staff. This is not hard, because all our employees, always strives to do the very best of their ability.

This also means that we sometimes demand more of you as a client or candidate. I want to achieve better results, which leads to higher quality than can normally be expected. We know that this results in a more cost- and time efficient recruitment process.

Level does not want to be like others, we do not take after other players on the market – we’d prefer them to take after us, because then we have succeeded fully. To be able to reach that we have to do our very best for you as a client or as a candidate and if you are not happy or satisfied we would like to hear that from you. This is our way to improve, so please do not hesitate to give us feedback regardless of what it is about.

Patrik Smith, CEO